We work closely with graduate students and doctoral candidates in the social and behavioral sciences on a range of editing projects. Here is what they had to say about their experience:

I am glad that I reached out to Sara when it was time to defend and file my dissertation. Sara took the time to speak with me about my research, inquire about how detailed I wanted her to edit my writing, and she was very encouraging to me at a time when anxiety and stress was high. She was very attentive to the minute details of APA formatting. What I appreciated most about Sara’s editorial style is how communicative she was throughout the process and how firmly she held to timelines. I strongly recommend Sara for anyone in need of an editor. She is genuine, personable, thorough, and efficient.

Faraah Mullings Brown, Ed.D.
Doctorate in Educational Leadership Program
University of California, Los Angeles

My faculty advised me to seek out both an editor and formatter to review my dissertation since I was “too close” to my work. When I handed my dissertation over to Sara, I told her that my focus was on content, not formatting. What she returned to me a short time later was a masterpiece ready to submit. The three-article dissertation was new for my university and Sara followed through on her promise to address concerns as they arose. As a result, it was approved well before graduation and I am done! Thanks to Sara, I can now focus on submitting those articles for publication in my field.

Kara Bauer, Ed.D.
Ed.D. in Community College Leadership Program
San Diego State University

I recently needed an editor to work with me on the finishing touches of my doctoral thesis. As you may know, completing a dissertation is a very overwhelming and, at times, frustrating experience. The moment I spoke with Sara, I knew she would guide me through the final stages of the process. My mind was at ease. She has the team approach and I felt as if I was not alone. Sara’s work is exceptional. She is an expert as an editor. She was able to complete the editing process on my timeline, which was not long. This is important when final edits are needed in order to graduate! I highly recommend the services of Heartful Editor. I will be calling on Sara shortly for help with my resume and any other editing needs.

Patricia Corbett, Ed.D.
Doctorate of Education Program
Northeastern University

I was facing a tight deadline and had no time for editing. I needed to focus on complicated family nurse practitioner content, and the technical aspects of the paper included pharmacology, pathophysiology, physical assessment, nursing research, and much more. I was anxious about editing intense medical jargon, but Sara is enthusiastic about her clients’ success and rose to the challenge with superb editing and formatting.

Susanne Cohen, RN
Master of Science in Nursing Program
California State University, Long Beach

I wish I’d had the opportunity to access Heartful Editor’s services earlier in my dissertation process, as the editing comments and suggestions where extremely valuable. My editor, Dr. Megan Krone, was flexible and attentive, and her experience with and knowledge of the process, her ability to work within the timeline and respond in a timely manner to my communication, and her attention to detail really made the experience pleasant, and this made me believe I could trust Heartful Editor to complete the work!

Eric Brown, Ph.D.
Ph.D. in Leadership Studies Program
University of San Diego

Heartful Editor took such interest and care in my project, delivered on timelines and on quality, communicated often and thoughtfully, and understood both the process and the content. The clear and consistent communication was wonderful. I also really appreciated the process of using track changes and making decisions about how to communicate with each other about what was changing along the way. I was very satisfied with the experience and highly recommend Heartful Editor!

Kimberly Sluis, Ed.D.
Executive Doctorate in Higher Education Management Program
University of Pennsylvania

Heartful Editor provided committed customer care and quality editing. Jennifer and I were able to establish a trusting relationship—the relationship with both Sara and Jennifer was positive because of the caring and effective communication, the follow through, and their commitment to meeting the goals and vision of the project. They cheered me on with a thorough review of every word. I have a deep sense that whatever happens in my life going forward, I have found a trusted editor in Sara and Heartful Editor. I had an incredible experience!

Anne Buchanan
Master of Leadership Development Program
Chapman University

I cannot speak more highly of the service Sara provided and the great quality of the work she provided. She made the process incredibly easy and was very open to working with me and the needs I had as I finalized my dissertation. The quality is what I appreciated most. In looking over the work, I know that it was taken care of by a very knowledgable and professional individual. I am very grateful for the help that Sara and Heartful Editor provided!

Efren Ponce, Ed.D.
Educational Leadership for Social Justice Program
Loyola Marymount University

I will always trust Heartful Editor! The best part was the personal coaching. I never felt like I was a bother, even when I wanted additional clarification. Because of that, I learned a lot throughout the process, and I especially appreciated Sara doing additional research to make sure her feedback was individualized to my unique dissertation.

They truly do coach and edit with love. Sara made the end of my dissertation process as smooth and painless as possible, all the while helping me learn how to avoid and fix common errors so that my future writing will be better. She was in constant communication with me, and I never worried about missing a deadline with her help. I will be referring anyone with editing needs to Heartful Editor. Sara and her team truly saved the day!
Sabrina Rando, Ed.D.
Doctorate of Education Program
New England College

I am so pleased that I chose to work with Sara and Heartful Editor at the end of my doctoral journey. Early on, it became evident that I was working with someone who was so much more than just an editor. Sara cared deeply about my work, and on more than one occasion, she was my loudest cheerleader at the end of a long academic journey. I learned a great deal about academic writing during my time working with Sara, and am grateful for her talent, professionalism, and support.

Jason Campbell-Foster, Ed.D.
Doctorate of Education Program
Northeastern University

Sara and Karen are very knowledgeable and thorough. They both worked so hard to meet deadlines, turn drafts around quickly, and work with me on any and everything I was required to do for my university. The thing I appreciated the most was the sincere love and support they showed me throughout the entire process, and the ease of communication.

Christina Filipowski, Ed.D.
Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership Program
Grand Canyon University

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