The editing and coaching rates apply to all 2017 writing projects. Learn more about WHAT WE DO.


Undergraduate, Graduate, and Doctoral Students $35.00 per hour
Academic and Career Professionals $50.00 per hour
Organizations or Educational Institutions (Non-Profit) $75.00 per hour
Companies, Organizations, or Educational Institutions (For-Profit) $100.00 per hour

NOTE: Cost depends on a wide range of factors, including the length of the paper, the technical complexity of the project, and the level of editing and formatting needed on mechanics and APA style. Editing for a full dissertation typically takes between 25 and 50 hours, which equates to $875.00 to $1,750.00. Please let us know if cost is a concern for you during the consultation.


#1: 4-Hour Coaching Package $120.00 per month
#2: 8-Hour Coaching Package $240.00 per month
#3: 12-Hour Coaching Package $360.00 per month

NOTE: Graduate students who complete a minimum of four 4-hour coaching sessions (one coaching session per month for one full semester) are guaranteed a $30.00 per hour rate for dissertation editing and formatting. This is an incentive for students to start early and learn!

CONTACT us to share more about your editing project and to set up an initial consultation.