Heartful Editor was created by Sara Kathleen Henry, an academic coach and editor based in Portland, OR. Raised by a librarian who instilled in her a love of books at a young age, Sara was a voracious reader and thrived as a writer throughout her academics, first learning how to edit her own work using the American Psychological Association (APA) style guidelines when she was only 12 years old. She has been editing everything in sight ever since!

In Spring 2016, she started working with graduate students as a freelance academic editor to make ends meet while working on another entrepreneurial endeavor. One referral led to another, and then another, and eventually she was editing a full 40+ hours per week. It became evident that there was a need in the community for this work, and within a couple of months, Sara determined that what would benefit students even more than an editor was a writing coach who could provide support and guidance on a single writing project or throughout the student’s entire academic program. What if we provided students with support and education earlier in their program to avoid the unnecessary stress of substantive (and expensive) editing at the end of their degree program?

On a rainy day in Portland, Sara sat at a café in the Pearl District looking over a list of names. She wanted to help students, faculty, and academic and career professionals learn and become more confident writers, and she wanted them to feel supported and encouraged. The name needed to reflect this purpose. Sara looked up from her laptop and noticed shelves filled with items for sale, all bearing the word “Heart” for Heart Roasters where she was spending the afternoon. Heartful Editor was born with a mission to provide coaching and editing with love.

In Fall 2016, Sara hired a team of five doctorate-educated career professionals to support the Heartful Editor initiative. Together we work with graduate students, doctoral candidates, academic and career professionals, and companies and organizations of all sizes on a wide range of projects.

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